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As long as the situation allows us, we are happy to support foundations, clubs and cultural institutions. We are a socially responsible company, therefore we are committed to helping those in need at the local level.

Elephants on the balcony foundation

A foundation helping children in difficult life situations who suffer from depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, hyperactivity, ADHD, behavioral disorders, emotional disorders, neurotic disorders and eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia). Some of the children have been hospitalised in psychiatric wards, others have tried to take their own lives.
Each child is a separate story. Each of them requires an individual therapeutic plan and a different action.

Rudzki Sports Club in Łódź

The Rudzki sports club has its tradition dating back to 1924. Soon, the 100th anniversary of the club is approaching, and over the years it has raised many athletes who have provided emotions in Poland and abroad.
Among today's stars of athletics we can mention: Adam Kszczot, Sylwester Bednarek and Aleksandra Nowakowska.

LodzArte Foundation

The foundation was established by entrepreneurs gathered around the Łódź Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
Our goal is to support Łódź culture, but not through ordinary patronage. We create a community of people for whom culture, especially theater, is a necessary element of reality and a great way to spend time together. We want not only to be patrons, but also to consciously participate in culture, and sometimes even co-create it, which is achieved, among others, by the mechanism of co-production of artistic events.


YAPA is the largest such event in Poland and one of the oldest tourist and student music festivals in the country. Its origins date back to the 1970s, when the idea of bringing the mountain climate to Łódź was born in the heads of members of the Student Tourist Club "PŁazik" of the Lodz University of Technology. Since then, YAPA has been included in the calendar as one of the most important cultural events both in Łódź and in Poland. Changes in the venues for organizing the event, challenges related to the developing stage technology and available media, and finally a change in the state system did not prevent the organization of subsequent editions. YAPA began to take on a life of its own, gaining popularity in academic, tourist and scout circles throughout Poland.

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