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In many production plants, machines are equipped with control systems based on devices that have been withdrawn from production by manufacturers. Importing a used component is often difficult and never guarantees that the situation will not repeat itself in the near future. Additionally, the prices of withdrawn products tend to be much more expensive than the prices of new products. An example is the controller from SIEMENS SIMATIC S5, the production of which was completely suspended in 2015.

In such situations, a good solution is to do a migration.

In this regard, we carry out:

audits to identify obsolete equipment and components
developing a schedule for the migration, taking into account the possibilities and requirements of the client.
controller replacement, program conversion and HMI / SCADA software update
updating the technical documentation with the mentioned components and devices




We know how key issue is the time in the production process. We have the answer. Our innovative method of changing the control of the machine without shutting it down for modernization.
We have successfully completed several such migrations where we stopped the machine only for weekends and during the whole week the machine was at the customer's disposal and could produce all the time

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