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Relocation of two rewinders
We relocated two rewinders
Installation of a new rewinder
Assembly of machines purchased by the client in accordance with the layout and specifications.
Relocation of a robotic welding cell
Relocation of a welding cell equipped with 3 robots and a rotary table
Modernization of the control of stator binding devices
Replacement of the control PLC.
Design and construction of a robotic palletizing station
In cooperation with our friendly company I-ROBOTS, we designed and built an automated palletizing station based on the YASKAWA robot. Using the motologix package.
Device for shrinking heat shrink tubing
Design and construction of a device for shrinking heat-shrinkable tubing.
Raising the performance level for the fiber optic production line
Reconstruction of the security system, based on the report and the client's needs.
Building a device for breaking insulation on wires
Designing a device and system for breaking insulation.
Modernization of the safety system, conveyor systems, packaging
Adapting the machines to health and safety requirements was based on an audit of the production lines. Creating a report and then, based on this document, modernizing machines for safety
Relocation of the fiber optic cable production line
Relocation of two key lines used to produce fiber optic cables.
More heat shrink ovens have been delivered to the customer
The customer trusted our devices and ordered another set of heat shrink ovens
Modernization of the safety system for the packaging line
For one of our clients, we carried out a comprehensive modernization of the safety system and CE certification.
Relocation of the line responsible for the production of a tight tube.
We moved a production line for a telecommunications company.
Skręcarka do kabli
Cable twister
Our task was to create a device for twisting cables
kontrola fajki
Support during the relocation of the entire factory
Support of our partner IDEAL SERVICES. In the relocation of industrial robots and commissioning of automated devices.
Relocation of the cable rewinding line
Relocation of six cable rewinding machines.
Modernization of a robotic cell in the automotive sector
Adaptation of a robotic cell for the production of new spare parts.
Relocation of production lines
Relocation of several production lines between two plants.
Ovens for shrinking heat shrink tubes
The customer trusted our products again and ordered another set of stoves, this time with lower heating power.
Replacement of glove box controls system
Another project for the Lodz University of Technology, this time replacing the control system and creating a new visualization
Replacing vibrating bowls
For one of our clients producing household appliances, we replaced old vibrating bowls. Additionally, we have changed the method of triggering and controlling the screw feeders.
System for measuring the freezing time of bread
We received an order from a client from the food industry to create a system that would measure the time of a particular cart with bread in the freezing tunnel. The difficulty we faced was the temperature below -25 °C. The system was designed on the Siemens S7-1200 controller.
Heat shrink furnaces
Our task was to design devices for shrinking heat-shrinkable tubes.
Unwound fiber control system
Using the S7-1200 controller, we have designed a control system for unwound fibers.
Wyspa ET200SP profinet
Sprayer University of Technology
The Lodz University of Technology gave us the task of launching and modernizing a device with a non-functioning control system. This device uses sputtering under vacuum conditions to apply a thin layer of e.g. gold, platinum, silver onto the reference material.
Central lubrication system
Installation of a central control system for automatic elevators
Adjustment of the line to minimum conditions
Adjustment of several production lines to minimum conditions based on an audit.
Modernization of machines to adapt to occupational health and safety requirements
For one of our clients, we carried out a comprehensive modernization of production machines in terms of safety.
Relocation and modernization of the carpet production line
Transfer of a 150-meter carpet production line from Poland to Turkey along with modernization in a new location.
Replacement of the control of an eccentric press with a rotary table
Replacement of the press control (a machine that punches out the stator and rotor for electric motors).
Measuring station for brake valves
Construction of a test stand for measuring temperature, pressure and brake valve flow. Construction of an IT system for generating reports.
CE machine certification with reconstruction of documentation
Machine audit, risk assessment, documentation reproduction are necessary steps in CE machine certification
Automation of mold changeover
For a client from the household appliances industry, we automated the process of retooling molds for foam injection machines. For this purpose, we used Siemens V90 servo drives and inverters
Replacement of the control system j from S5 to S7
Replacement of the entire PLC control system and the Operator Panel from the outdated Simatic S5 system to Simatic S7-1500 An innovative technique was used that does not require line downtime during retrofit.
Relocation of the robotic cell welding the center-rear car tunnel
International transfer of a station consisting of 8 KUKA industrial robots welding the center-rear car tunnel.
Launch of the relocated trailer factory
Launching the entire factory that was relocated from Italy to Poland for a leading manufacturer of semi-trailers.
Construction of a robotic cell for welding caps.
A robotic cell with a KUKA robot for welding nuts for a leading car brand.
Construction of SIM800 Rewinding Machines
Design and construction of winding machines for winding small cable reels.
Replacement of the control of a device that makes transformer casings
The replacement operation lasted 4 months, the work was carried out only on weekends and the machine remained at the customer's disposal during the week.
Relocation of a robotic station from England to Poland
Transfer of three robotic stations that constituted a wheel arch production line for a leading car brand.
Seal cutting machine
The machine's task was to cut the seal appropriately. Cutting was performed using pneumatic actuators. The control was based on the Siemens S7-1200 controller. SICK optical barriers were also used
Replacement of the control a paper cutting machine
For a client from the paper industry, we retrofitted an old control system from the 1980s. We used a Siemens controller dedicated to fast, multi-axis control SIMOTION C240

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