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Project description

The Lodz University of Technology gave us the task of launching and modernizing a device with a non-functioning control system. This device uses sputtering under vacuum conditions to apply a thin layer of e.g. gold, platinum, silver onto the reference material.

Scope of work
  • Dismantling the old, non-functioning device control system
  • Installation of a new Siemens PLC from the S7-1200 series and an ET200 island
  • Reconstruction and updating of electrical documentation
  • Replacing the manual valve with an electromagnetic one for the turbo vacuum pump.
  • Writing a new program, taking into account modernization works and improving the functionality of the device
  • Creating visualization on the Siemens HMI panel
Wyspa ET200SP profinet
Szafa sterownicza ze sterownikiem s7-1200 napylarki
Panel operatorski napylarki

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